Illegal Asbestos Removal

Illegal Asbestos Removal in PA.  While the federal law does not require asbestos removal to be preformed by an accredited contractor, the Mid-Atlantic States, which consists of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and two areas of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Allegheny County, follow a different set of regulations. Taking part in the EPA’s criminal enforcement program, the Mid-Atlantic States now adhere to stricter asbestos removal laws than other states throughout the country.

A few weeks ago, a man from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, discovered first-hand the actions the EPA criminal enforcement program takes in dealing with those who choose not to follow their rules and procedures. The man who is now 53 years old, is accused of hiring day laborers instead of certified contractors to remove asbestos in his home and as a result, has been charged with five counts of illegal removal of asbestos. If convicted, the man will face up to 25 years of imprisonment and 1.25 million dollars in fines.

Hiring someone other than a certified asbestos contractor, while is not illegal in areas other than the Mid-Atlantic States, is dangerous to not only your health but the health of others as well. Just as the Willow Grove man experienced, non-certified professionals do not always know the best way to handle asbestos. Incorrectly removing asbestos containing demolition debris, the workers unknowingly released thousands of fibers in the air which could lead to mesothelioma and lung disease later in life. Facing not only jail time but heavy fines and the potential threat of deadly diseases, there are now thousands of fibers throughout the man’s home. It is safe to say he probably wishes he would have hired a professional from the beginning.

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