Penoco mold testing & removal

So, tell me about Penoco mold testing & removal.

So why Penoco mold testing & removal?  Mold is a microscopic organism found virtually everywhere-indoors and outdoors. Even though there are over 400,000 types of mold, less than 100,000 have been identified. Mold is generally caused by high humidity, water leaks, flooding, blocked gutters, or having a large number of indoor plants. It can be found on walls, floors, and nearly every other surface area.

The most dangerous is the mold you do not see, such as that in your dishwasher, bathroom, cabinets, and laundry area. Early warning signs of mold in your home include foggy windows, cracked paint, loosening of drywall tape, and spotting on walls.

With mold testing, it can be determined if you need professional mold removal or if it is small enough that it can be eliminated without contracting a mold specialist.

Wow, is it dangerous?

While exposure to mold is not healthy for anyone, it attacks those with respiratory conditions, pregnant women, infants, and elderly women at a much higher level.


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Those at the most risk:

  • People with respiratory conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Infants
  • Elderly women

There are three main types of mold, each of which affect one differently after exposure.

  • Allergenic Mold

    Allergenic mold is not life threatening and only affects those with allergies or asthma.

  • Pathogenic Mold

    Pathogenic mold, tends to produce mild infections in most people but only seriously affects those with suppressed immune systems.

  • Toxigenic Mold

    The most dangerous mold, toxigenic, contains mycotoxins and seriously affects everyone, creating problems that range from short term irritation to immunosupression and cancer. Left alone, mold can be extremely dangerous as its airborne spores rest on clothing and skin, then become trapped in mucus membranes.

What is involved in Penoco mold testing & removal?

Penoco mold testing & removal process is fairly simple and includes measuring the level of mold spores in the air through an air pump which and swabbing various surfaces including the mold itself.

While our response depends on the type of mold and scope of contamination, the process can include the use of an antimicrobial surface protectant such as Bioshield -75 or dry ice blasting.

The environmentally-friendly removal methods utilized by Penoco are powerful enough to provide a precise and comprehensive remediation for the most toxic, highly concentrated mold infestations, yet is perfect for even the most delicate substrates. Following the removal process, Penoco may suggest the installation of a ventilation system in order to maintain a less appealing environment for mold to grow, as warm and dark areas tend to create a breeding ground

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