Concrete Shot Blasting and Floor Preparation

What is shot blasting?

Thinking of installing new flooring in your home or business?  Allow Penoco to perform the necessary floor preparation before your next project!  Prior to the installation of new floors, removing the old material and preparing concrete through shot blasting is a must.  Shot blasting is crucial because it opens concrete to release present moisture, which increases the adhesion of new flooring.

Depending on the final surface desired, we are also able to complete the process with grinding.  This ensures a perfect floor finish– Perfect for an epoxy!

What floor preparation services does Penoco provide?

Whether you are in need of mastic tile removal or are looking to eliminate present carpet adhesive, Penoco has the right tools and knowledge for the job. We offer shot blasting, floor scraping, and grinding. Not sure which method is best for you? Give us a call. We would love to help make your next flooring project a breeze!

Need More Info?

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