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With autumn finally on its way, the weather is cooling down and late nights make for a perfect time to read a good book or newspaper. What do you like to read? Right now, the Penoco team cannot get over R&R Magazine. Every month, they feature articles relating to building and remodeling, mold and asbestos information, water damage solutions, environmental concerns, and other important topics.

This month, R&R Magazine featured an incredible article called, “Asbestos: Still a Stumbling Block in Restoration and Remediation.” It discusses why asbestos was so popular, when it needs removed, the fact that it is almost everywhere, and explains why people should not try removing asbestos themselves. The article then goes on to explain that when beginning any restoration job, individuals should have at least the area they will be working on, if not their whole home, tested for asbestos. The article may only be four pages long, but trust us, those four pages are worth reading. Have you read this article? What did you think?

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