Radon Testing and Mitigation


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So, tell me about radon.

Radon is an undetectable, tasteless, odorless and invisible radioactive gas. It is produced from the natural breakdown of uranium in igneous rocks, soil and sometimes water, entering your living space through the ground.

Wow, is it dangerous?

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

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Individuals are generally exposed to radon through inhalation and ingestion, occurring when building materials disintegrate and decay into other products, or are naturally released from ground water.

How does Penoco test for radon?

During the testing process, all windows and doors except the point of entry and exit are closed. While there are a few testing methods, the most frequently used test involves placing a device 20 inches off the floor to continuously measure and record radon in the air, making radon spikes and dips more apparent to see and measure on charts.

How does Penoco remove radon?

The removal process begins by sealing gaps around utility pipes and cracks in basement floors and walls. The next step is to create sub-slab depressurization by installing pipes below the concrete slab in your basement.

While one pipe, or leg, can be installed, Penoco always recommends installing at least two. In most cases, if one pipe is installed, a second pipe will need to be installed at a later date. The pipes are routed outside, creating a pathway for radon gas to leave the home.

While there are two types of mitigation systems, active, using fanned vents to draw air from below the concrete slab, or passive, not requiring the use of a fan, Penoco recommends an active system as they are more effective.

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